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Selecting tapware to suit your pressure system is important for trouble-free operation and optimum performance.

Fortunately, most Aquatica tapware is engineered to work on all pressure systems. However, water pressures vary considerably and it's important to recognise what sort of system you have to help you make an intelligent choice.

What water pressure have you got?

The two most common systems are:

Unequal Pressure:
This is the most common system in New Zealand. A header tank or pressure reducing valve is usually used to supply low pressure water to the hot water cylinder.

How to recognise this system?

  • The cold water flow is much greater than the hot
  • There's a header tank in the loft or a pressure reducing valve just before cold water enters the hot water cylinder
  • Hot water cylinders are marked 3.7m head or 7.6m head
  • Vent pipe through the roof

Equal Mains Pressure:
This system uses a special hot water cylinder which is fitted with a pressure limiting valve for safety.

How to recognise this system?

  • The hot and cold water flow is strong and equal
  • The hot water cylinder is described as a mains pressure cylinder
  • Almost all gas hot water systems are mains pressure