Aquatica Tapware Warranty & Maintenance Guide

Aquatica NZ Limited offer the following warranty periods on its range of tapware from the date of purchase.

Residential Use

  • Tapware - 5 year warrant
  • Laundry Tub Cabinet – 5 year warranty
  • Handshowers, Shower Roses – 2 year warranty
  • Pull-out Sprays and spray heads on Sink Mixer Coils – 2 year warranty
  • Kmercial tapware – 2 year warranty

Commercial Use

  • Tapware - 1 year warranty
  • Laundry Tub Cabinet – 2 year warranty
  • Handshowers, Shower Roses – 1 year warranty
  • Pull-out Sprays and spray heads on Sink Mixer Coils – 1 year warranty

Only high quality workmanship and materials have been used in the manufacture of Aquatica’s tapware. If any workmanship or material is proven faulty during the warranty period, Aquatica NZ Limited will, at its own cost or option, repair or replace the faulty product.

The warranty is transferable but the original proof of purchase from an authorised Aquatica distributor is required for all claims.

Aquatica’s liability will not extend to damage caused by reasonably foreseeable loss such as inappropriate materials in a wet area ie. floating wooden floors.

Waterlines to tapware incorporating a ceramic cartridge or ceramic disc mechanism should have an inline strainer or filter fitted. Absence of these may void the warranty.

Any suspected defect must be notified to Aquatica as soon as possible after discovery. All repair work must be performed by a plumber who has received authorisation from Aquatica prior to proceeding with the work. Aquatica may immediately authorise repair work to be undertaken, however, this is not necessarily acceptance of liability.

Aquatica guarantee that the tapware will be able to handle temperatures up to a maximum of 70°C.

Water pressure up to 1000 kPa is the maximum limit for the tapware. Above this the warranty will become void.

Serial numbers or tags should not be removed from the products as they are essential in establishing warranty.

Care and Maintenance

To retain the original look of your tapware, the following guidelines should be observed:

  • Do not use acidic or abrasive detergents, spray cleaners, rough sponges or metallic cleaning pads.
  • Do not use alcohol based products, disinfectants or solvents.
  • To remove dirt or calcium, clean with mild detergent and water, then thoroughly rinse with clean water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

The use of spray or abrasive cleaners of any kind will void the warranty.

Aquatica to the Rescue!

At Aquatica, we don’t just think Customer Service - we live it!

Since the business first started, an entire culture has developed whereby staff members know that helping someone else, within the business, helps them to help the customer. If we are contacted with a query, we will do our utmost to sort it as quickly as possible, using the wealth of knowledge that is now available within the company.

So what happens if you, the customer, have a product with a problem?

Firstly, you must ensure that the product is still under warranty (see below for warranty details). You will also need an invoice or receipt to show when and where you purchased the item and then you can do one of two things:

Either take your invoice/receipt to the store where you purchased the item and ask them to contact us, ensuring you also supply your address and day-time contact phone number


Contact us direct (preferably by email) supplying us with all the same details.

Once we have confirmed your product is under warranty, one of our service technicians will contact you to discuss how to resolve your problem. If our technician has to visit your property, he will do so free of charge - provided the fault is with the product.

In summary, our main aim is to have happy. contented customers and we will do our utmost to ensure that this happens.

So.... Aquatica to the Rescue indeed!

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